Unit 5 – Species – Vocabulary

We are going to learn all about species! Use the text below to introduce the subject to your students. The first activity is the same for every unit, Vocabulary Game! Watch the video below or click on the link to discover how to complete your own game!

Does anybody know what a species is? It is a living creature in the kingdoms of life. There are billions of species. Use the vocabulary list to introduce this unit to your students!

  1. Species – A group of living organisms that have similar characteristics and can reproduce with each other
  2. Organism – An animal, plant, bacteria, or fungi
  3. Keystone species – A species that is essential to ecosystem
  4. Endangered species – A species that is close to extinction
  5. At-risk species – A species that is close to becoming endangered
  6. Extinct – A species that does not have any living members left
  7. Habitat – An area that is the natural home to a species
  8. Deforestation – The widespread clearing of trees in a forest
  9. Desertification – When fertile land becomes dry and barren, like a desert
  10. Native – A species that is from the area it is currently living in
  11. Invasive – A species that is not native and often harms native species

Now we know species are either animals, plants, bacteria, or fungi, but let’s really get into it. What functions do they serve in our environment? 

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