About Me

Hi, I am a college graduate from the California State University of Sacramento, or more commonly called Sacramento State. I am also a Professional Pixie, at Pixie Tribe! And I’ve been spending my time in quarantine developing this blog.

A few years ago, I was hired at an elementary school as a Team Lead for their After-School Education and Safety (ASES) Program to teach at-risk youth literacy, health and wellness, and social and emotional learning. About a month into working at ASES, the school asked me to join the Before School Program (BSP). During BSP, I was supposed to have a full year on nutrition lesson plans available to me, but after the first fourth months, my class completed the entire program. I quickly began working on a new series for my morning class to start: Environmental Science. I figured if I was going to have to spend my time outside of work developing educational lessons for students, I should use the time to review the basic science for my major and remind myself of ecological principles. I kept all these files on my laptop in hopes that one day I could create it into a book to provide with after school programs that would be similar to the nutrition one I had to use.

The second quarantine started; I knew what I had to do. I reread, re-researched, and rewrote all my lesson plans. I invested in supplies to make educational videos and worked to develop this interactive guide to help parents bring those extra activities kids are now missing into their home.  

If you are a teacher visit me on my TPT site so you can get affordable distance learning activities all about Environmental Science. This is a great resource to use if you are having to jump back and forth between in the classroom and distance learning.

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