Unit 4 – Ecosystem Interactions

Lesson Three – Food Webs   

This week we are diving into Food Webs if you want to explain the difference between Food Webs and Food Chains, hop over to last week’s lesson and complete that activity first!

Every lesson on this site you can do as a stand-alone lesson or a complete subject plan! 

Food chains explain the levels at which food is consumed. Food webs show different possibilities for what an animal can eat. Think about it. If we had a food chain with you at the top of the chain, would the list of food you eat only contain one item? Of course not, you don’t just sit around eating sandwiches all day. You also like pizza, fruit, mac ’n’ cheese, and other foods. Well, most animals are the same way. The reason animals eat different types of food doesn’t necessarily have to do with what they like to eat, but what food is available to them. Think about it, have you ever gone into the fridge to look for a type of food you really wanted (like pizza), and all you could find was food that did not seem yummy at the time? Well, that same thing can happen to animals. Now let’s make another picture on the corkboard to show the difference between the two different types of describing how energy is passed around.


  • Corkboard or Poster Board (with a wall behind it)
  • Thumb tacks
  • String (multiple Colors Work Best
  • Print outs of animals
  • ^I will be releasing a new set to my TPT Store every month until I have all the the biomes.



On the back of the print outs of animals, write what type of organism the animal is OR what species the animals eat


  1. Layout the cards and string so that all the animals that eat multiple animals are in their appropriate place.
  2. Pin the yarn down and the cards.
  3. Discuss with your child which chart shows everything an animal eats. Which chart would they use to describe an ecosystem? Why? Have your child write it down in their notebook.


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