Unit 3 – Kingdoms of Life – Vocabulary

WOW! You made it to Unit 3! In this unit, we are heavily focusing on the foundations of life and what is alive on our planet. We already went over the most basic need for life on Earth: water, but now we need to discover how to study life in a meaningful way that can tie to a bigger picture.

Unit 3 is all about categorization, presentation, and creation. Teaching students about categorization skills will help them with organizing and classifying information. Teaching students about presentational styles can help them take pride in their work and therefore build their confidence.

This unit will review most of the animal kingdom. The only kingdoms we are not learning in these lessons are Protista and Archaebacteria. If you will absolutely die without one, please email me, and I will attempt to develop a lesson plan. 

Without further ado, this is Unit Three’s Vocabulary list. Remember to complete the Active Word Bank Project to go with this Vocabulary set!

Vocabulary List:

  1. Organism – a single being such as a plant, animal, or bacteria
  2. Animal – an organism that can be seen by the eye and can search for food
  3. Plant – an organism that can be seen by the eye that cannot usually move
  4. Bacteria – an organism you cannot see by the eyes because it is microscopic
  5. Life – an organism that can grow
  6. Essential – an item that cannot be left out
  7. Microscopic – an item that is too small for the human eye
  8. Fungi – a living being that is neither plant and animal and can create its own source of food
  9. Fauna – an animal
  10. Flora – a plant


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