Unit 4 – Ecosystem Interactions – Vocabulary 

We are going to learn all about ecosystem interactions! Use the text below to introduce the subject to your students. The first activity is the same for every unit, Vocabulary Game! Watch the video below or click on the link to discover how to complete your own game!

Vocabulary Words:

  1. Food chain – an ordered list of which species eat which species
  2. Food web – a diagram of what each species eats and what species eats them
  3. Ecosystem – the way that all elements, nonliving, and living things interact with each other
  4. Energy – fuel that makes it possible for everything in the universe to more and or grow
  5. Consumers – any living organism that uses the energy from a different organism to survive
  6. Herbivores – an organism that only eats plants
  7. Carnivores – an organism that only eats animals
  8. Omnivore – an organism that eats both plants and animals
  9. Decomposer – an organism that eats dead plants or animals
  10. Species – a group of similar organisms that have the same characteristics or qualities
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