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This disclaimer for the website of Evergreen Elementary Environmental Education is effective as on 9.25.2020. 

Purpose and Distinctions 

Evergreenelementaryenvironmentaleducation.com will be referred to as Evergreen Elementary Environmental Education, we, us, our, the site, the website, this website the blog, my site, my website, my blog, Evergreen Education, or my website at any point on this page, both before and after this distinction. It also important to note that my name is not Evergreen Education or Tessa Evergreen, I use a pseudo-name to protect my personal identity and to keep my private life separate from my blog.  

Visitors, followers, and subscribers will be referred to as you, visitors, followers, subscribers, and customers at any point on this page, including both before and after this distinction. 

Please read disclaimer before use of website, reading any content, or completing any activities. By using this website you are accepting the conditions in which this disclaimer puts forth. If you disagree with any part or section of this disclaimer you do not have permission to access the website for any purposes, use any information put forth, subscribe to the email list, join the Facebook group, follow Evergreen Education or Tessa Evergreen on any social media, or complete any activities put forth in this blog. 

If you are under the age 13 you do not have permission to use this site without permission from your parents or guardians. 

Intent and Content Use  

The intent for this content is informational purposes of Environmental Science for children. I have done my best to create accurate and honest content. Science is ever evolving and changing, therefor I do not accept responsibility to update all information after publication and do not accept responsibility or liability for any incorrect information. While I have experience in working with children and a Bachelor of Science for Environmental Studies, I am not claiming to be an expert in the fields of environmental science, children’s education, children’s development, teaching of any kind, or any other type of expert. I am also not a certified teacher. I am not offering advise on how to educate children. I do not know your state’s, country’s, or province’s educational standards, and I do not abide by them. If you need help with your children’s education, you should seek help from a license professional or school. This website is for entertainment and informational purposes only. User digression is advised

I do not accept responsibility for any direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages to person, property, associates, or any other damages whatsoever. I do not accept any damages that my result out of negligence, activities, or any other source arising from the website or any other connections to Evergreen Education including email and social media.

While my experiments may have an attended result, the results you find can be entirely different. This can be from confounding factors, environmental conditions, human error, and for any other reason. I do not guarantee the success of effectiveness of any experiments or activities.

External Links

Evergreen Education does allow external links on the website. All links are shared in good faith that the links a relevant, secure, and legitimate, however I do not accept responsibility for the accuracy or legitimacy of external links. I except no responsibility for the use of the information on external links, not do I accept to any damages, bodily harm, mental harm, property damages or any other type of damages and harm that may arise from using external links found on this site. I do not manage any external links and therefor I cannot be held accountable for any information or content on the external links. User digression is advised all external links.   

Copy Write 

All original material on or produced by this site or the site’s content creators is copy write. Material on this site that is copy write by Evergreen Elementary Environmental Education includes but is not limited to writing, illustrations, photos, videos, worksheets, pamphlets, emails, creative content, and any other media. Using any original content to produce monetary gain or any other gain will result in legal actions. This includes but is not limited to stealing intellectual property, use of original media, rebranding and direct sell of original media, and coping text or pictures from the website. 

Evergreen Education did not knowingly use copywrite media, product, or information in the website. All media, product, and information used is in good faith that it is legal. If there is copy write media on the blog email env.education@gmail.com to have information immediately removed.

Write Changes

I can change the content on this privacy policy, terms and conditions, this page, and any other page on the website at any time without prior notice or consent from users, subscribers, visitors, or followers. I can change any content on my website. By continuing to use this website in any way, including,  but not limited, to subscribing to email list, visiting the website, or following me on social media is an acceptance of this disclaimer, the policy page, and the terms and conditions. It is the customers responsibility to keep themselves updated on all changing policy and content.  


If you have questions, comments, or concerns about the information on this page or any of the other legal pages email me  at evergreen.env.education@gmail.com. 

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